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HEXIS is a major manufacturer of self-adhesive films for visual communication, objects customization and surface protection.

Since its foundation in 1989, HEXIS have successfully held their position as the French leader in the sign and digital printing industry despite fierce international competition.


The company specializes in high-performance self-adhesive cast PVC, polyurethane and latex films and offers highly innovative solutions for professionals of digital printing, signage, visual communication, vehicle wrapping and textile marking.

The applications for these products are billboards, the decoration of premises and objects, signage, light boxes, markings for vehicles (cars, trains, trams, boats, planes,…), objects and textiles, lamination, etc.

Joseph A Mireles

Excellent product, always one of my top 3 choices when it comes to wrap product


Looks great. Very even finish - no stress marks, no little adhesive lines under the film, perfect color consistency. Thick, even, clean better than paint.


I use their etched (frost) vinyl and I love it! Cuts great, weeds great and looks better then both Oracle or Avery's versions of the same. 

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